Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, January 16, 2012

Where does your FANCY come from?

Tell me where is fancy bred, 
Or in the heart or in the head? 
How begot, how nourished? 
 Reply, reply. 
It is engender’d in the eyes, 
With gazing fed; and fancy dies
In the cradle, where it lies.
Let us all ring fancy’s knell;
I’ll begin it – Ding, dong, bell. 

Ding, dong, bell.  Shakespeare "The Merchant of Venice"

Where is fancy bred? I often wonder where inspiration comes from. Of course, I give God the credit for anything created and I believe because we are made in His image that each of us was granted creative powers. It takes connecting to the First Power to enrich your own God-given, powerful, artistic character. But we have to trust and we have to invest. That's just my opinion. 

Where does your fancy come from?


*jean* said...

i am completely loving your new work!! it is beautiful and so full of energy!! bravo!

simplyred said...

Beautiful work, Peggy. Seems to be somewhat of a new direction and is really gorgeous.

Jennifer Richardson said...

altogether beautiful art coming out of you....fiercely beautiful!
hmmmm.....fancy comes, I think for me, from flight,
those times I'm willing to let go
and let my soul take off
and go all brave and risky
and just leap
without looking down
and trust that the view
will be worth
whatever mess is made
in the flying or falling.
Sometimes the mess is the good stuff:)
keep on soaring, friend,

Bren said...

love the new piece, wonderful paint and collage elements. There's always a risk when it comes to creating, but maybe that's the power of releasing it. Wonderful to see where your creative heart is taking you these days

Steve Emery said...

Dear lady...
I found your comment on my blog this evening, and came over here to catch up a little. I was horrified to find that you nearly lost your Sweet Farmer - and so grateful and glad that it all turned out OK. Puts things in perspective - puts things in their proper places...

I am, indeed, taking an on-line vacation. I have added a few paintings to my gallery (, but that's about it. Job and travel have been quite consuming lately, of time and energy. Mostly, though, I needed to do some painting and drawing in quiet and without an audience. Our annual mountain vacation made me realize that I needed the break.

I love this painting of yours - particularly your handling of the large blossom on the left. Lovely use of positive and negative spaces and shapes - gives it light and grace.

Erin DuFrane-Woods said...

I love this art piece. Beautiful and that flower...just Wow!