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Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm busy learning new things over here.
I'm learning that it's true, you should never throw a painting away.
I'm going back now and painting over anything I didn't like, saving bits I did and pushing further.
If it was already ugly and/or boring- what is there to be afraid of? That you will make it more ugly or boring?
I'm learning that if it is boring to me, it is probably very boring to anyone else.
I'm learning that I'm tired of making boring art and I want to amp it up a bit.
I'm learning that I've got to understand more about contrast, composition, blah, blah blah, but GEEZ, it's so important if I want to make exciting art. I've got to get more technical and analytical. But I'm learning that when I'm painting- LET all that go and paint intuitively, trust my instincts and just let it flow out of me.

I add things.
Take away things.
Write on it.
Darken it
Lighten it.
Sew it.
Doodle it.
Digitally screw with it.
Use every medium I have until I get what I want out of my own creation!
I listen and learn and watch and see.
and i

I read somewhere (I wish I could remember who to give credit) but she said the SECRET to the only difference in why she stood out was that she took a project to a great point, the point where everybody would like it, and then she pushed it further asking, "How can I make this MORE unique and BETTER than the things I've already seen." AND she DIDN't stop until she LOVED it.

that's the big freakin secret
I can do that. I might not be drawing or painting to the level I want- BUT BY GOD, (literally) I CAN PUSH what I'm doing FURTHER. save it. Go back. and push it further. Until one day- I say, WOW, I LOVE IT!!!
Her headdress was a flower pin that I put in my copy machine and folded in half. and by george, it looked like feathers.

Be brave. Be very very brave in your art and your life. And don't give up until you get what you want.

i'm still convincing myself of all of this....can you tell?


Bren said...

Fantastic post! And memorable paintings! It's true, we do have to push fear aside and run many risks to push ourselves beyond our current abilities and reach for more. Love the whole post and especially the new art I'm seeing!

Buffy said...

I love where you have taken both of these paintings,their beautiful!Great post!

ooglebloops said...

Each new painting or effort takes you to a new and higher level!!!Love your "stuff"!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

feeling this to my bones!
a million yes's!!!
love your paintings
what an AWESOME write!
grinning and grateful,

Diane said...

Very cool post.....and so true--why are we so afraid to play with our art--I'm the same way--thank you for this and pushing me some more!!

chrissy said...

i needed to read this today...thanks beautiful!

simplyred said...

Boring? Your paintings? Never!! It seems to me that you have always pushed yourself to try new things, to get better and to be true to yourself. But, believe me, I can truly understand that it's scary when you try something new. But it's also exciting and your excitement always comes through in your paintings. Keep on pushing, you don't have any limits!

Gypsy Gold Studio

rachel awes said...

i found your heart sky this morning on chrissy's blog + wanted to run to it + lay under it + i thought i ought to at least run toward where it came from...oh my heavens, your whole blog lays under a heart sky. i love all your deeps. your spirit. your paint. your goat + lion + italy. rich, passionate, love of substance here. XOX