Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Palette

My spring palette has sprung! I'm still loving faces and the practice has been wonderful for me. This little spring chick (9X9 wood panel) sold in less than 24 hours after painting her. How fun is that??

But you know what is really cool? I'm getting emails from my daughter of sketches that she is doing in her NEW journal with her new colored pencils I bought her and they're awesome. She has a very stressful job and I kept worrying about her when I would hear tension in her voice and in her life. I know that sketching and doodling can sooo relieve stress and if our artful journey taught her that then WOOOHOOO! so worth it!

It is so true that ART can be that healthy drug-of-choice and can bring healing to our lives. It takes so little to put pen or paint to paper, but it gives back so much more.

Sweet Farmer just bought me 8 more wood panels so I gotta get busy!

Art is frozen ZEN - R.H. Blyth


chrissy said...

i LOVE her peggy.
she is beautiful.
who was blessed enough to take her home?
im so happy that joli is sketching. she is so super talented just like her mama.
i love both of your styles.
have the most wonderful weekend dear.

Kolleen said...

i second that sweet Chrissy...she is SO pretty!!

Do you have an etsy shop??

Happy to hear your daughter is finding time to is soothing to the soul, isn't it??!!!

I think we all know what you will be up to this weekend!


Beth Nicholls said...

Peggy she's gorgeous. Did you create her since getting home?? You are really flying!

Kelly said...

beautiful Peggy! And glad you got some inspiration from my post. I learned so much from DJ! So when are you going to convince Joli to start her blog and start sharing her sketches? :-)

Odd Chick said...

Hi Chrissy, Beth and Kelly!!
I'm so glad you stop by! Yes, I painted her since I got home but I had sketched her before I left. And you're right Kelly! Joli needs a blog but she's really doing all she can right now I think. But she'll be thrilled your asking and your comment Chrissy.

lori vliegen said...

hi there!! i've noticed that we seem to be running around in the same blog circles, so i thought i'd stop by and say hello!! your paintings are gorgeous.....and all of your "girls" have the sweetest little faces!!

and thanks for sharing your "artful journey" experience with us! i've enjoyed living vicariously through you and chrissy!! :)))

Carol Anne Strange said...

A beautiful piece of work, Chick, and no wonder it sold so quickly. Wonderful to hear that your daughter is finding healing time through her art. Love to you and sweet farmer. xx

DJ said...

Love these layers you achieved!
The textures interwoven are yummy and add so much depth.
Beautiful and inspirational...

Mrs. Spotts said...

WoW!! She is sooo beautiful Peggy! Those colors are stunning. I miss our meals together, and all that painting time! It was such fun getting to know everyone. I am hoping that we can somehow all get together again some day for a retreat reunion!

Hey Joli...go and get your blog set up! (sorry to add the message to her here, but if anyone will give it to her, it's her Mama! )


Sorrow said...

what a wise and loving momma you are, and I love that sweet faced daisy haired gal!

Louise Gale said...

I LOVE this! The colours are so pretty and i cant wait to see more of your great work my lovely friend.... Louise x