Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, February 5, 2010

Seeing RED

I'm so into RED right now! It has made crazy creative. I had to paint these roosters and their red beards and cones, and then give them heart effects from FLIKr.

It could be my new red heart I got to decorate my coffee table and to remind Sweet Farmer that he makes my heart beat faster when he walks into the room.

Or it could be this crazy new wine topper my daughter gave me for Christmas. It makes me think of her and her wild, wonky style

Or maybe it's this new red rooibos tea that I combine -cinnamon and orange and pomegranate -that warms my heart!

This is the only decent red flower I ever been able to paint. Getting real vibrant red is harder than you think!

But LOVIN' RED right now!
My hope is that one of these things will make you SEE RED. and get your heart geared up for Valentines.


DJ said...

Oh, my...I was enjoying your collections of red, but then I saw your painting and it stopped me in my tracks.
Breath-taking, to say the least. You don't need photos of other stuff when you can paint like that, kid!

simplyred said...

I am SO loving your roosters, but I think I would love it even more as a painting without the hearts. Your artwork is so beautiful by itself that it really doesn't need any help. And I share your love affair with RED - a truly glorious color.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Steve Emery said...

Oh yeah! Roosters and chickens... You know how I feel about those. It's probably been too long since I did some, actually. I love yours here, and the amaryllis, as well.

Red - I don't quite get red yet. I find it a hard color to work with. Not sure why. Again, I love how you handle it.

linda said...

this is a wonderful painting... I love chickens of all persuasions!

Carol Anne Strange said...

I'm loving your red vibe, Chick ~ so exhilarating, bold, and inspiring. Yes, I love red and not just because I live in red rose county. Red is for romance and I hope you and sweet farmer have a wonderful Valentines. x

Poetic Artist said...

I have missed you.
Where have you been..Oh with your sweet farmer..LOL...I love your red, but your painting is the best.

Karin Bartimole said...

wow - this is a one timely and fun collection of red!! Love it all :)

Kimmie said...

I love the roosters! Love the heart! Love the wine topper! Love the flower! Red is a great color..... I will have to play with it and see if you're right about how hard it is to get it right ..... hugs!

Paula said...

I found your blog today and I am amazed at your artwork. Particularly the painted pic in blue and red is stunning. I recently got introduced to art therapy before then I never had a brush or a pencil in my hand. I surely will come back often. Thanks for being out there.