Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Real Me

It is rare that you will ever see an actual photograph of me on this site. Not because I don't think I'm pretty. I'm very pretty on the inside (little known fact that I won Miss Congeniality at the Miss Fort Stockton pageant), but photographs always show the outside and that can be quite ghoulish.

But since it is my month for scary, daring things- I thought I would share my pic for October.

No, actually this is a very fun little photo site called picnic where you can download your own photographs and art and add fun Halloween effects to them. It can be quite liberating for those who have a ghoulish side that never shows up in photographs.

No, actually this is the real me -just ask Sweet Farmer on one of my bad, evil days. But then, he likes me bad and scary sometimes.


Carol Anne Strange said...

I love your sense of fun, Chick! It's good to reveal the scary side every now and again, and especially with Halloween just round the corner. Enjoy! x

Kimmie said...

well - I'm not too scared :) .... Miss Congeniality eh? Isn't that a movie? .... and not a Twilight one :)

p.s. glad the tea tip was a good one :)

linda said...

hah, he likes you scary, eh?? *grins*

I have given you a very special award, tho you don't like them, come see anyway because I want you strings, nothing except to say you are one of my favorite women I have met since starting my blog ♥

susan said...

I've been enjoying myself reading about your life on the farm - yow! giant tractor driving. I'm impressed. Of course, what's impressed me most is your lovely art work and I promise to come back again.

Anonymous said...