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Monday, October 12, 2009

Psycho - delic bat friend

I hope you can see my little bat friend in this art. I have really been into bats lately- maybe because things are a little batty around here. Two or three more weeks of "EXTREME Farming- The Reality Show" and we'll be back to a slower normal.

But anyway, little time for my art so recently I painted this bat in my journal. I swear to you it was the ugliest painting I had ever done. I thought about putting it up on a post because after all I'm doing scary things. They say that painting a really ugly painting can be very liberating. It was. I said, "So there, I don't give a rip - I just wanted to paint when I was too tired, too frazzled, and with little time. But honestly, the little bat kept calling to me over the next few days and saying, "come back and play with me".

So, I couldn't fix the painting because he was done with gouche watercolors in blacks and greens and oranges. So I took him a messed with him digitally and I like the little fellow all psycho-delic.

I've said before that art is one of those things in my life that I can change the reality at any given time and it is quite empowering. So I can go from Yuck to Yeah with a few quick tricks.


Kimmie said...

How cool is that!?! It's very magical - like those kaleidoscopes that you want to take apart when you're a kid - just to see how they work :)

Karin Bartimole said...
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Karin Bartimole said...

I love the resulting piece you've created - what ever the painting looks like! seems fitting that is started 'ugly', because let's face it - bat's aren't what we'd classically call pretty :) But I absolutely love them. When we first moved here we'd watch summer evenings, circling over our yard, zipping and zapping the bugs naturally. then they disappeared - we saw none for a couple of years. This summer, every evening we were visited by one. We put up a bat house and hope to invite more.
Bat, in the Medicine Cards represents 'rebirth'. I love the poem accompanying the opening of the section on bat medicine from Jamie Sams and David Carson's book:
Sacred Bat... flew to me,
From the darkness of the cave.
Womb-like reflections,
Answers it gave,
Birth, death, rebirth,
Cycles of the whole...
just eclipsed,
The journey of the soul.