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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocking My World with Color

I just got back from Cloudcroft and my week long art class with Ken Hosmer. This was a painting I did the day after the classes, which I think is more of a true representation of what the class taught me. Obviously, color, color, and more color - he gave us so much information about color. He also taught us to do value sketches. Value sketches were small sketches done with a tombo pen ( an ink pen that will produce black to various shades of gray to light)wherein you add your lights/whites, medium values and darks only. Once your values are determined, you can use any color as long as you stay within your value structure when you do your large painting. He simplifies difficult concepts so well that things began to click for me that I had struggled with previously.

Cloudcroft had its own beauty to share with sixty to seventy degree days and just a little rain every day. The air is crisp and pure up there, and I would have as many as 9 different species of birds on my deck at different feeders most of the day. We counted 8 deer in the yard yesterday evening!

I had several friends stay with me and each brought her own healthy recipes and foods, and we did yoga in the mornings and walks in the evenings. Sweet Farmer came up for the weekend and he even walked with me every day while he was there! HUGE!

It was a wonderful week all in all. I'll be sharing more paintings done in the class in days to come.


Teri C said...

The color is beautiful and flowing. It does say a lot!

Poetic Artist said...

I love the color..It must have been a wonderful class and trip.

simplyred said...

I am loving this painting. I think it is one of your absolute best! You must be a great student.

Karin Bartimole said...

Oh I just love this Peggy! the color, the expression - a satisfied smile of colorful contentedness is what I'm seeing!! Truly wonderful :)

Paula said...

You are in New Mexico?

I'm up here in Rio Rancho.