Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back from Blogging Vacation

I took a vacation from blogging in case you didn't notice to spend some time with Sweet Farmer, to care for my Mom after an emergency operation and.... just because.... well, I got out of the habit and I'm a creature of habit. I've missed my blogging friends and staying in touch. I hope you all haven't dropped me from your blogging roles and that I can hear from you again.

We lost our other little Australian Shepherd, Allie at the end of June to cancer.

She was really Sweet Farmer's dog, and Annie was mine but now we have no inside dogs for the first time since we were married. I painted this little sketch of Sweet Farmer and Scottie, a starving stray we nurtured back to health because I know that I mustn't take their friendship for granted. We must enjoy them while we can because they are each one a very unique creature and a gift and privilege to know and care for.

Just as caring for my Mom after an emergency surgery on a perforated bowel was my pleasure and a unique time to share with her. I will always treasure the time we spent together during her recovery.

So that's what I did through the month of June, basically.
I have missed you and hope I haven't been away too long and that you'll come back to visit me as I get myself back into the habit of blogging again.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I have been thinking of you and I'm glad to see you're back.

I'm so sorry to read that you lost your dog. And I hope your mom is feeling better.

Kimmie said...

I have missed you - but trusted that all was well - just very very busy. I'm glad your Mom is on the mend under your watchful eye. I'm so sorry about Allie - how strange it must be to have an empty nest: dog-wise. I love the picture you painted of your Farmer and his faithful Scottie. You're so right about the need to capture things. Why are the best things in life fleeting?

Anyway, welcome back to bloggerland - but keep it a no obligation zone - ok?

((((hugs)))) Kimmie

ooglebloops said...

I did notice you were gone - but figured you were busy farming!!! So sorry to hear about your Allie (we have an Allie too), and hope your mom is feeling better. I'm sure she appreciated having a loving daughter to lean on!
Glad to have you back, as Kimmie says, no obligation, but just because you want to.............

Carol Anne Strange said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you have been through very mixed times, which have provided many new insights and experiences. I am glad that you've been able to spend quality time with your loved ones but so sorry to hear about your dog. Much love to you. x

Karin Bartimole said...

Welcome back Peggy. I hope your mother is doing well, and I'm sorry for the loss of Allie. Our four legged friends hold special places in our family homes - your painting is a lovely memorial to the special bond your husband and she shared.
warm wishes to you and yours this holiday weekend!

Linda B said...

I HAVE missed you, farm chick. Seems like I just found a kindred soul, and off you went. So glad you are back. I had emergency surgery the end of May and am just back to normal. Wish I'd had a daughter to help me along and keep me sitting!! My husband wound up grounding me!!
Love your blog and art.

Anetka said...

Welcome back Peggy:) I'm sorry to hear about your Allie. I'm hoping your mum is feeling better now and you had an opportunity to spend good quality time with your loved ones.
And of course I love your painting!:)

linda said...

I have missed you, being the only other "odd" woman around blogland, so it's good to see you back...actually I assumed you must be very busy driving that hunky tractor of yours! glad your mom is fine and sad you lost your dear old's always hard to lose a pet, isn't it?

hoping you are staying around now and hoping you will be sharing some of your art, if you have had the time and energy to indulge that part of you...if not, just happy to know you are around!

linda said...

I'm sorry I forgot to mention how much I admire your painting of your dear hubby! it looks to be done with a loving hand and heart...

take care..