Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tea Party Tuesday

I'm so glad that Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons invited me to her tea party. I know she would love for you to come on Tuesdays also. Today, I had Chamomile and Citrus Tea from Mighty Leaf and dreamed my whole house was clean. I'm glad to have the afternoon off.

I love blogland for this very reason - friends that remind you to slow down and share your day with someone.

This is what I would share if I sat down with you for a cuppa-

Yesterday, I got a call from an older friend of mine who is a real hooooot. In fact, she's the best birder woman I know. She has 421 birds on her life list!! She called to give me a tip about Orioles. She says add a drop of orange flavoring to your regular hummingbird recipe and you'll have the colorful sweet things come home to your house. She, in that instant, reminded me of a passion I had let fall to sleep, and immediately I was awake and alive and ready to begin again my journey to really seeing and knowing the birds of the air. So I'm heading to our wildlife refuge (Bitterlake Wildlife Refuge) to get a closer look at my long-lost passion. I'll pick some other friends up a long the way - would you like to go??


Kimmie said...

How cool is that?
I've got a hummingbird feeder and orange essential oil on my next shopping list ......
Have a sweet day!

Nancy said...

Yummy, sounds good! And a trip too :)

linda said...

are you kidding, dear odd woman, of course i would love to go! i am a complete bird freak...and that "dreaming my house was clean" picture is so funny.. that series of women from the fifties musing about life is hysterical....

yummy does the tea sound...i would love to sit and have a cuppa with you..wouldn't that be fun??


linda said...

i wanted to ask , do you mean orange flavoring, as in for cooking? not essential oil for fragrance? I am confused and wouldn't want to hurt my orioles, who drive the little hummers nutty trying to drink their sugar water, even without orange in it! i cut an orange in half and put it on the fence...they love that too...stick it on a nail in the wood.


Odd Chick said...

If you buy a hummingbird feeder for Orioles it must have slits in it rather than holes as bees get in the water and ruin the nectar and Orioles won't use it. I will get back with you about the orange flavoring or orange essential oil

*jean* said...

oo i would love to do i get there?? a couple years ago for mother's day, i had my family get me a small pair of portable, waterproof binoculars so the next time i see that kingfisher while we are in the canoe, i can actually SEE him!!!

i would love to hear more about birds....i love them

your tea looks yummy!!

Carol Anne Strange said...

Tea parties and slow-time with good friends ...blissful! Enjoy your trip!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

that sounds delightful, let me grab the binocs!

Love your dream too by the way....a clean house....what is that :)

Happy Tea Tuesday a day late!

redchair said...

What fun! I'd love to go to a Wildlife refuge.

I'm going to try the orange flavoring in my hummingbird feeder also.

Michael and Diane said...

Hey Peggy,
I enjoy your blog so much and think
of you and Greg often. Try feeding
your orioles grape jelly in a bowl set on a flat post--they can't resist it.
Happy Mom's Day!

Ted A. Brooks said...

Oh how interesting. We haven't had the hummingbirds here in Tennessee that we usually have. Maybe you got them all with that orange oil (grin.) I'm glad I found my way to your site today, it's most interesting.
Angel Blessings