Passions of an Odd Chick

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Gracious Host

I like to try my hand at creative writing every now and then and I am making a collection of certain short vignettes. But unlike the Brazilian wax story, this is not about me and it's not suppose to be funny, but it is another story about stupid things women I guess it could be me... if I'm not careful.

He climbed on to her back and took a firm hold.

She hardly knew when he began sucking the life blood from her as he was adept in this symbiotic relationship and could make his small incision as precisely as a skilled surgeon. She would find him now and then, and in her searching, run her tongue over the smooth contours of his body, and she liked that better than she hated the wound.

When her mother called she would ask about her parasite and the girl would always say that he was doing "his thing" and her mother would be happy and respond that she should feel lucky she had someone to share her life with.
Once, he ventured into the open and embedded himself in the smooth contour of her lower right cheek. She spied him as she walked by a mirror, and bending closer with her breath against her own image, she peered intently with a strange excitement, and realized he looked like a beauty mark and added some mystery to her otherwise plain face. But remembering suddenly why she hadn't chanced her image in awhile, she saw her white-washed pallor was now an ashen gray and that sick feeling hit her hosting heart like a stone. She hurriedly pinched her cheek and then twisted the skin between her fingers until she saw the red stain rush to the rescue.

As for now, she knew, she was everything to him.


Michelle said...

I can relate.

Pagan Sphinx said...

This is good writing.

Thanks for coming by my blog. I think I've seen your comments at Vulture Peak Muse. Speaking of which, I'm doing a feature on Linda's work that will be on my blog The Pagan Sphinx, tomorrow. Hope you'll stop by.


linda said...

whoa, this one stopped me for a second and I wondered if I had landed in another place than yours....what a strange little tale!!! when you read that and look at the picture, it's very creepy, at least to me!

hmmmm.....a whole other side to you!

Karin said...

Very expressive and raw Peggy - really great work you're doing. I love the emotive and powerful image. More more more!!!

redchair said...

Wow! You got out there girlfriend! This is wild and fun and the art a perfect complement.
Great work.

simplyred said...

I found this post very disturbing for some reason. Both the picture and the story left me feeling disquieted. Definitely a different direction for you.


Odd Chick said...

I guess I can't apologize for my dark side, because I'm multi-dimensional, but I do admit that I would rather people leave here feeling uplifted than disconcerted.

Kimmie said...

You really drew me in .... I'm not disconcerted a bit. I thought of it as an essay on vanity, conceit and the round-about women find themselves on with men and how they perceive they are perceived. I can relate - especially since I'm raising 3 little odd chicks and want them to just be their odd little selves and not the perfect host (unlike the mom in your story and what she's wanting for her daughter). Fabulous!

Steve Emery said...

I'm with Linda - creepy - I suppose that makes it a success! I'm fairly sure you were going for creepy, and pitiable. I like the drawing. It's an odd one. Lively!

disa said...