Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Contemplating Las Vegas

We're back from Las Vegas. We had a great time but we ate too much, slept too little and walked our little feetsies off. We stayed at the beautiful Caesar's palace.

My favorite place to eat was Payard's. Sweet Farmer looked a tad out of place in this beautiful French pastry shop- (I know he only ate there for me) but he did agree there was quite a difference in a flaky, delectable cheese danish made fresh by French chefs than the ones we buy at Sam's!

My next favorite thing was the Bellagio gardens and conservatory and art gallery. I got to see original Warhol's and Lichtenstein's.

We did our part for the stimulus package! Most of Las Vegas is fake and too ritzy and manufactured for my taste- I can't help but compare it to the simple vistas of Africa - but there is beautiful art and fascinating images and lots of life's questions to contemplate. Like why do you need 3 toilets (one a bidet) in a room with one king size bed? And who was the first person to try marble floors? And why do so many people come to Vegas to put money in machines and on tables that rarely offer them anything back? If you've been to Vegas you probably have a few questions of your own .....


ooglebloops said...

Welcome back - thanks for the picture tour of Las Vegas!!!!!

Genie Sea said...

Welcome back! You certainly picked the most beautiful and delicate parts of Las Vegas to showcase. Beautiful! :)

redchair said...

Las Vegas is fun. I had to go to every year for the National Asso. Of Broadcasters- and I have to say I really got where I enjoyed it. (The Bellagio Art Gallery is exceptional.)
I’m not a gambler but I found the creative aspects of all the wild decor such fun. I’d just walk from hotel to hotel in awe. Sensory overload - for sure!

cottonpicker said...

Love to coming home better!! Like your farmer husband, I'm a little out of my element! Glad you had fun.

Kimmie said...

I've only been once - but walking the strip at night to see all the limos and the lights was pretty cool. And then during the day, we went for a hike in a nearby canyon - might as well be a world away :)