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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Second Moleskin Finished

I rewarded myself with this beautiful hand-carved moleskin from Modofly when I finished my first art journal. Now 3 months later, I am finished with my second. I get really attached to these little journals as they hold my handiwork and writings that have come from my heart and, like an old familiar friend, it's hard to let go. But, just like a friend, it can always be revisited. And progress must be made.

This is one of the last pages. It is collage - mixed media and so much fun.

What would we do without our imaginations? Since I've learned to paint and draw, I very rarely go to bed at night and dwell on problems. Now, it gives me so much more pleasure to close my eyes at end of the day and imagine my next painting- what colors, what textures, what shapes will I use? I know it is bound to be more beneficial to my health to create and imagine with the last thoughts of my busy mind than to fret and worry over things of which I have no control.
And these little journals are the perfect depository for all things conjured up in that very blissful, dream-like state, right before sleep.


Karin said...

How absolutely yummy. I just want to hold, stroke, page through and absorb over a big mug of tea.

Your comment just popped into my email as I'm here typing - again. It really is amazing how in sync we are many days!

jordan said...

Hello! This is Jordan from Modofly. Is that artwork that you did in the tree journal? Would you mind taking a couple shots and letting me post it on our blog? Shoot me an email at info (at)



linda said...

I so wanted to see inside! Can you share a few pages with us?

I adore my little moleskin 4x6 and will check out's a wonderful depository for dreams and distress and yes, leaving it in there is much better than carrying in one's heart...


a mouthy irish-catholic woman said...

yes, please do open it up and share some shots! JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

i knit myself to sleep. such a wonderful way to nod off...

Brandi said...

oh my gosh! your art journal is just yummy!!!

thanks for stopping by my blog-I am definitely linking to yours!

Becky Mushko said...

I want to see inside, too. You've tickled my imagination.