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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Main Street Arts

I am having so much fun at Main Street Arts. I wish you could see our window installations. They are really cool. If you haven't heard our great news , well, my Sweet Farmer and I purchased a building in downtown Roswell, N.M. Yes! It's across the street from the Alien Museum and Yes! It is on Main Street right in the middle of everything! And yes! I'm so proud of it! Our grand opening was June 15.

"The Gallery" which is a co-op gallery of artists is renting 2/3 of the building. We share common spaces like bathrooms and a workshop area. They open and close the store 6 days a week. But I love being down there. I enjoy being with the other artists and meeting all the wonderful tourists and shoppers that stop in. It's very energizing.

I've met the neatest people like Max. He draws incredible cartoons.

And this is my first "Paint Party" in June. Everyone had a great painting and encouraged me to do many more.

My sales have doubled. I recently sold my original Cheetah, a cowgirl, and lots of prints and even some older work.

That Cheetah was so wild, that it took just the right customer to love him and take him home.

I can't wait to share more stories of the life of a gallery owner. Just pinch me.
It still feels like a dream.

But dreams are good. I don't want to ever stop dreaming.

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