Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bubbles of Bliss

20x30 Gallery Wrapped Original with Acrylic by Peggy Krantz and Joli McCombs
This is what happens when you get Crazy Consuela and Odd Chick together! It's a passionate, crazy world with a Bliss Fairy blowing bliss bubbles all over a colorful flower-garden world.

My daughter came down and we painted together and it is such a blast. It's a strange, synergy that happens between like-minded souls when we paint. Like a dance, we go in and out of each other's way adding to and taking from and spray painting and detailing, until we both say it's done. And then we just sit back, drink some crazy juice and enjoy it. Our hope is that this little Bliss fairy finds a happy home and blesses the owner with wild, passionate dreams that come true...every day. I know Joli is one of my greatest blessings. She blisses my world!

Gurdy and Joli

20X30 gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic  Original SOLD
We also painted this delightful little owl painting and Joli posted it on Facebook and sold it within 15 minutes but prints are still available.
Find someone fun to collaborate with in your art because you can't get stuck in a rut.  You can feed off each other's energy and ideas and mixing the styles adds interest and mystery to the direction the art will take.
Also, you have twice as many customers to share it with.
 Check out my Etsy store when you have time. I thought I would open it up for Christmas. THanks, chick-an-oddees!


Bren said...

You two are a winning combo, talk about being team mates! I have a feeling this one won't be around for long either.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! my heart!
i adore these paintings much wild beautiful
aliveness swirling in and around
and over and through them
....your spirits set free on canvas
to shine:)
the universe needed them
and now they're here....well done

Elizabeth Seaver said...

These are great, and what fun to paint together. I'm wishing I could paint with my mom!

Rita said...

That is so wonderful that you two can paint and create together so well! Congrats on fine collaborative pieces. :)

Tracy said...

So much fun with the sale, Peggy! And not least the fun of painting with your daughter--so sweet! Lovely to catch up with you after returning from some travels and Thanksgiving break! I'm in a place of trying to find a harmony in all there is to do at the moment and still find time to enjoy the things I love to do--like painting, etc. This time of year is such a challenge in that respect. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the first painting. The imagery is very rich and layered. Beautiful and gorgeous work.