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Monday, October 1, 2012

Brave and Bold with a Sista on your Side.

This is a new animal painting. Yes, I said animal, as in COWs gone wild. You know me, I get stuck on something and I can't let it go. (I call them PASSIONS) I have to paint it this way and that way and I had these great photographs that I had taken of dairy cows and I wondered.... can I convey the energy and tension and curiosity of these animals that I felt when I was kneeling in that cow pen and they were coming forward intense and curious about the camera. It's not an easy thing to convey emotion, I found. Somewhere I read that you can use "fighting colors" to convey tension or energy. And of course, eyes and stance can convey feelings and erratic line and form can be emotive, but without instruction a new artist just simply has to experiment and so I was exploring this process through this cow painting.
24X36 acrylic on canvas "Brave & Bold with A Sista on your Side" SOLD
I'm in this amazing closed facebook art community through Flora Bowley's class and this group of women just continually inspire me with their best art and push me with gentle nudges for more. Sometimes when I get stuck on a painting I can post it there first, and for some reason, I feel encouraged to bring it home for them- like a waiting audience that is cheering you on toward a finish line. My setting is fairly isolated like I'm sure a lot of people feel in rural environments. I hope you can find a community some way that has some expectation of you and encourages you to succeed. (thank you girlfriends- you know who you are!) These cows remind me of how we push forward, curious and bold and brave, and a little scared, but determined to learn something new.

AND The other animal that I'm passionate about in my life (and slightly sleep-deprived):
MEET GURDY - the 6 week labradoodle that has made a home at Krantz farms and in our hearts! More stories to come.


Brenda Thebeau said...

So glad you found a community that gets you and your wonderful, bold painting style. I had to smile when you were describing the cows interactions with you and your camera, they are a curious bunch. Love this painting and your flare!

Jill M Hodgson said...

Funny analogy.... I'm proud to be your sista!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the expressions
and movement
and curiosity
your brush strokes
amazingly found
.....such a clever
cow whisperer you are:)
I see their souls.
(i happen to love
cows, acutally...such
tender thoughtful eyes).
Beautiful puppy...oh
happy dance.
(even without the doodle
my lab is a dear companion)
grace and gratitude,

Tracy said...

Hello, Gurdy! Isn't he adorable... what a cutie-pie! It's been so long since I had a dog, I miss having one sometimes. We have a cat though, and I'm not sure he'd be into a canine companion at this point...LOL! LOVE your painting, Peggy. You have such a wonderful way of expression through animals! The color play, movement, energy here is truly breathtaking. Could this be, dare I say it--and I mean it in a sense of great fun--could we call this Mad Cow?! Mad in the craziest, wildest, wonderful sense! :o) I'm not on Facebook so I missed the Bloom connection that way, but have met two great creative friends through the course. Having support helps keep us steady, but helps us fly too. Happy Days, Peggy. Oh, by the way--a package with a treat is on its way to you!

kimmie said...

Your painting is amazing!! I am in awe of your color work .... and you have really captured the personality of each animal ... so much expression!

simplyred said...

Sorry I haven't been around much, life keeps interferring with my good intentions. But I'm happy to see that you have continued on your wonderful journey in your art. I love the directions you are taking. And the art work is just amazing. Such vibrant colors. And you definitely have managed to capture the vitality and life of the animals you've been portraying - the majesty of the giraffes, the inquisitiveness of the cows and the pure fun of the goats.

Life can only be more fun when there is a labradoodle around!!

(Ms.) Ernie

Gloria said...

I love your cows gone wild. Awesome colors and lots of movement. Very nice. I also love your labradoodle and who woulnd't love Gurdy. thanks for sharing.

Yarni Gras! said...

the painting is beautifulllll!