Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sharing some bull today.

"Lyles' Hereford Bull", Acrylic on canvas 16X20
I don't know why I especially love Hereford cattle. Maybe it's because of their white faces, curly hair, the deep contrast of the auburn red, and that perfect combo against the green grass.  Their faces are soft, but their stance is strong and powerful. They are a bit more docile than most beef cattle. Their baby calves are adorable. Maybe I fell in love with them when I was a young married girl, living on a ranch outside of Van Horn, Texas watching while they peacefully grazed on the mountainside outside my kitchen window. I always wanted to paint a Hereford bull for as long as I can remember. It was only a distant dream then. It feels good to bring this bull to life on canvas.
It feels good to make your dreams come true.
You realize you must keep on dreaming.
Dreaming plants thoughts, and thoughts plant actions into your life.
It may take years for the dream to manifest.
But it will if we persist.


Poetic Artist said...

I was just thinking about you as I was reading new posts and there you were..I miss seeing you or is that what it is called in blog world? Anyway you pass through my thoughts when I am own line..It is funny not haha funny but strange how we seem to in life connect with strangers and somehow they become part of our life.. Odd I am but honest I am too..I always think that someday I will meet you and we will be friends.. I love the cow..Me still not doing any art but God has been on a new journey so we shall see.

Bren said...

Peggy this is outstanding! So talented, it's wonderful to see what is coming from that artist heart. Growing up on a farm myself, I identify with feelings and thoughts on these guys, especially the 'gentle face and strong stance' I think that phrase is packed with meaning.

Gloria said...

Hi Peggy. I love cows too. It's their beautiful eyes, and every time I think that they are used for food, I get sad. Oh we eat beef maybe once a week and when we do the guilt sets in.I try very hard not to eat beef. You've done a wonderful job with your piece. It's like the cow is saying, "Here's Looking At You." :) I like the way you think about dreams, and thx for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments on my Frida paintings. I do appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Jennifer Richardson said...

swooning over those gentle eyes know this dapper fellow
so well!
I LOVE this
and that you painted
from your heart
(your skill is're becoming one of the greats,
you know)
and that your painting
jumps off the canvas
with aliveness!
Magnificent, friend.

Tracy said...

You just gotta bull with it, keep going! ;o) You've expressed the personality and soul-full-ness of the this guy so well, Peggy. LOVED seeing the art you shared in your previous post too. So great to visit you here after a bit of a hiatus. :o)

Nurrgula said...

I love your works! Glad that i've found you!