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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let the Games Begin

 Who can see Rome without seeing the Colosseum?? There were riots there the day before but we saw no sign of any problems. Americans knew much more about that news than Romans!

My photographs are a disappointment.
NO. 1- you can't set up to take photos because they don't give you time.No. 2- there are always tourists in the way of perfect shots. No. 3- it's burdensome to carry different lens. No. 4- you want to really see the things you're looking at and listen to the guides and taking pictures becomes somewhat of a distraction. Plus, I'm just not a good photographer. Sorry.

The Colosseum originally had 3 outer walls but fires and earthquakes and time have destroyed them over the years.
Emperor Vespasian (72 A.D.) began the project to placate the people of Rome after Nero's selfishness. Fifty thousand people could enter this sport's stadium pretty efficiently. Did you know nearly 9000 animals were killed in the first inaugural games? There is something horrendously sickening as you stand in the center and think about the brutality of the times and that it was all about entertainment for men, women and children.
Creeped me out when I realized I was wearing an animal print as I stood on the floor of the Colosseum!

Did you know if you leave a door open anywhere, Romans ask you "Were you born in the Colosseum?"
Vestal Garden right below the Colosseum
This is what's left of the garden and temple of the Vestal Virgins. They got front row seats at the Colosseum and other luxuries for keeping the sacred fire burning for the homes of Rome. They couldn't have sex for 30 years but they also didn't have to live under the crappy rules for Roman women under men's authority.
 Aww. And the colossal arches. Whenever an emperor won a battle some monument had to be built. And each wanted one bigger than the last one!

".... I began to regard the earth under my feet as skin draped over ancient bones." Fran Davis


Bren said...

The sheer size of the place is overwhelming. I opened your pictures up big to get the full effect (and I think you got some great shots) One things for sure visiting the Colosseum would not allow for indifference, it's presence, it's history demands a response.

Jennifer Richardson said...

It's immensely stirring, isn't it.
My daughter said she was surprised
by how angry she got
being in that space
....the "wild beastly ignorance"
that's seeped into that ground.
Interesting...I wonder what I'd feel.
I love your photos
and am enjoying your trip
Much thanks!

Jeannelle said...

Your photos look great! Interesting info, too!

simplyred said...

First, I disagree about your photography. The pictures you've shown so far look very good to me. And I have heard from others how difficult it is to take pictures anywhere that is a major tourist attraction. Your photographs will help you remember the wonderful trip and that is their main purpose. So, yes, you are a good photographer.

Keep the travelogue coming, I'm enjoying your trip vicariously and eagerly await hearing about it.


Poetic Artist said...

Your photos are good..I do see it is wonderful.