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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She will RISE AGAIN.


I find myself sketching Japanese girls in my art journal these days.
I still can't wrap my head around the suffering and the devastation.
I'm not sure I want to.
My mind can't handle it but my heart weeps for the Japanese people and all those affected.
I've been practicing Japanese symbols and I've written several
Japanese proverbs in my art journal.
I just want to honor their courage and struggle in some small way.
Maybe you'll enjoy bits of their quotes and wisdom as I do.

"Tigers die and leave their skins, people die and leave their names."

" If you are understanding everything, you must be misinformed."

"The reverse side also has a reverse side."

"If you believe everything you read, better not read."

"Vision without action is a day-dream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

"First a man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink,
then the drink takes the man."

"When the character of man is not clear to you,
look at his friends."

"Even a sheet of paper has two side."

"Fast ripe, fast rotten".

"Forgiving the unrepentant is like trying to
draw on water."

"Money grows on the tree of persistence."

"The nail that sticks up is hammered down."

Which one resonates with you? Do you have any others
you could add?


Rebecca Anthony said...

A beautiful image has been created here. It's stunning! What a beautiful tribute to the devastation in Japan.

Gloria said...

I too cannot get my head around this devastating time for these people of Japan. My heart aches for them. Beautiful words and wonderful drawing. You've inspried me, thanks a lot.

ooglebloops said...

Love your art - the sayings are wonderful also and great food for thought. The one about judging a person's character by his friends, and money grows on the tree of persistence are favorites.

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Hi honey, love your lady and the proverbs too. Xx

Pagan Sphinx said...

Those are neat proverbs. We can all do our parts, in our own ways. I like your lady. Reminds me of an artist I've come across, whose name I can't remember now. But if I do, I'll let you know! :-)

Buffy said...

Such a beautiful tribute to the devastation in Japan. I know what you mean,my heart breaks for those poor people. I love your girl too.

Bren said...

As soon as I saw your girls face, I thought she looks so tragic...then I read your post. You've chosen a beautiful way to honour them in such horrific times. The proverbs are a wonderful collection and a number of them speak to me, but "If you are understanding everything, you must be misinformed." Life if full of mystery and we never have it all figured out.

Diane said...

I cannot even imagine the devastation, and the courage that these people have.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your japanese woman
with her soulful eyes.
They just know.
And I feel you, my own paints
and pens fluttering around the
tragedy with saddened strokes.
I love these quotes;
"if you are understanding everything,
you must be misinformed" my fav.
So much we just don't get.
Thanks for this beautiful tribute
and for having the courage
to "deal".

Poetic Artist said...

A nice tribute to the devastion of the Japanese people. My heart goes cut to them also.

Beth Nicholls said...

She is beautiful. What has happened in Japan is heartbreaking. It is my second home, and it is hard to believe the images are real - and even more devastating now the human stories are starting to emerge. I love your creative tribute here. There are so many Japanese proverbs I love, but here are a couple:
- Art is the illusion of sponteneity
- Fall down seven times, stand up eight
- There is no teacher for love


Sarah said...

The *Forgiving an unrepentent...* one. It reminds me of my marriage and why it failed. I kept drawing on water I guess.

Sarah said...

I've loved checking out your paintings for a while now... you're very talented! I started as a painter when I to art school after high school. (Then photography, metalsmithing, momming, back to school, banking, etc...LOL)
Keep in touch ~Sarah

Momo Luna said...

A wonderful tribute. A beautiful painting....