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Monday, February 21, 2011

Inevitable Realities and ART

Sometimes.. do you paint a piece that just makes you want to scream?
Throw a fit and squeal like a little girl? Sometimes art can be terribly frustrating.
If I had a genie and 3 wishes, I would ask for world peace and a cure for cancer and then I
would ask for an art teacher to show up at my house AND HELP ME FIX THIS PAINTING!
Sometimes, one simple mark, several tiny adjustments can fix a portrait. But I can't see it.

BUT, I can SEE it which is so frustrating- my taste in art is ahead of my skill.
Art And Fear says: "Vision is always ahead of execution and it should be. Vision, Uncertainty,
and Knowledge of Materials are inevitabilities that all artist must acknowledge and learn from:
vision is always ahead of execution, knowledge of materials is your contact with reality, and uncertainty is a virtue." this didn't make me feel better but i did quit obsessing and inwardly stomping on my right brain's deficiencies

I remember that it is this frustration that is my art teacher- it teaches me about the next piece.It is the FEAR that I'm never going to get it that challenges me to stand up and defiantly paint another and another. "The artist's life is frustrating not because the passage is slow, but because he imagines it to be fast."

I want it fixed now. NOW, I tell you. When I asked Sweet Farmer to help me problem solve, he looked at her and said, "it looks like she's been in a bad farming accident".

He's buried, now, in the back orchard under a pile of rocks.

Not really, I'll let him live because he's the only one around who will provoke me enough to fix her. IT MAY TAKE awhile- but she will toss her pretty head at him(you) someday and say, "THERE, what do you think of me now BIG BOY!"

any suggestions will be taken under consideration and will not provoke an attack :)


Bren said...

afraid I can't help you with portrait painting, but I sure can identify we wanting to take a painting to a place just a touch beyond your current capability. That causes me endless frustration, but also a persistence that then opens the window to improvement and solutions. It's quite the journey isn't it?

Nancy said...

I can't help you either but I know you will figure it out and then farmer man will have to brag on you and give you lots of hugs because you rose to the challenge......

Rebecca Anthony said...

Seriously when I look at this painting I don't see flaws, I see so much character I can't stand it. Sometimes I think that when we have trouble fixing something there may be a reason. You are fabulous and this lady has such a uniquer look on her face and the way she is standing too cool!! I love art and the quirky ones are usually the ones I like the best!

Jennifer Richardson said...

You're waaaaaay out of my league
with your fantastic portraits;
I'm just a fan
and a big one, at that.
I love the colors of her misfortune:) the story there.
And I love that you aren't quitting.
And what you shared about art.
I was going to quote it on facebook and already I can't remember it.
I share your frustration in my art
and the same struggles; it's
encouraging to hear
you process "out loud".
Good share.

VICKYFF said...

Scarves Scarves
Many and profuse thanks for all you have done for us, Dear Internet Friends.Adorable! They make me smile! :D
You are indeed most super fantastic and will be missed!

Buffy said...

I like what you wrote about art and fear and being ahead of ourself.Thats all it is,you see something better in her and you just can't get it. I like her. But you have to like her,keep going until you're happy with her.

Diane said...

I'm sorry Peggy, but I like her--I really really like this painterly look, and I wish I could achieve this.
I don't like perfect art--I want it to be a whole different dream-like world.

Momo Luna said...