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Friday, April 7, 2017

Seeing All the Color in Grey

Child of My Secret Garden
Mixed Media on paper, 24x30. SOLD
 I know. It's like I've been hiding. I have missed my blog. But I am still crazy about art.

I'm into monotones and limited palettes.

Gray, gold, black, white- they are my playground these days.

 I wonder about this gray thing when I've always been into lots of color. I love color but I think that I am enjoying paring down and simplifying all areas of my life. I'm getting old enough that I'm sorting out all the trivial stuff and it is showing up in my art, of course.

The world also has so many gray areas for me. I have never been more interested in politics but there are so many areas that just can't be sorted into black or white.
A street character in Florence. Only opened his eyes if you put money in his box.

I recently was blessed with a trip to Italy for my birthday. I saw so many amazing things. I wore black and gray so I wouldn't stand out like a flashy American.
I fell in love with statues and and old gray buildings and granite.

Solid things.
Old things.
Simple things.
Classy things.
I came back loving charcoal and gesso. Do you know how many shades of white and gray and black are out there??
sketch in my sketchbook with some digital magic added.
It's enough and it makes me happy.

She sees 
in black and white
thinks in greys
but loves in color    JmStorm


Sweet Lily said...

Grey and black. Classic and epic.

Ernie Hendrix said...

How nice to see you posting again on your blog. I miss all of my blogging buddies. I know mine has been inactive for some time but I plan to get back into it. Hope to see many more posts from you.